HAAGA 477 Sweeper | 31 inch Manual Push Sweeper

  • HAAGA 477 Sweeper | 31 inch Manual Push Sweeper
  • HAAGA 477 Sweeper | 31 inch Manual Push Sweeper
  • Haaga 477 sweeper with the debris container removed
  • HAAGA 477 Sweeper rear middle brush close-up view
  • HAAGA 477 Sweeper debris cointainer handle top view
  • HAAGA Sweeper debris container inside view
  • HAAGA 477 Sweeper has 8 height adjustments
  • HAAGA 477 Sweeper roller wheel for edge cleaning
  • HAAGA 477 Sweeper stands upright for easy storage
  • HAAGA 477 iSweep Sweeper
  • HAAGA 477 Sweeper bottom close-up view
  • HAAGA 477 Sweeper | 31 inch Manual Push Sweeper

HAAGA 477 Sweeper | 31 inch Manual Push Sweeper


HAAGA 477 SWEEPER 31 inch Triple Brush Maintenance Free Push Sweeper

Designed for indoor / outdoor wide area surface cleaning of warehouse and factory flooring, parking lot and sidewalk surfaces, asphalt, concrete and all natural stone hard surfaces.

  • HAAGA 477 SWEEPER easily sweeps fine dust, course dirt, sand, leaves, sticks, bottles, broken glass, wrappers, food, basically anything that can fit thru a 10" X 4" opening big or small debris.

    HAAGA 477 SWEEPER is used by Hotels, motels, government, maintenance departments, recreational facilities, movie theaters and services stations all over the world, Since 1969

    HAAGA SWEEPERS Clean fast and can reduce your cleaning time up to 80% when compared to pushing a broom.

  • HAAGA 477 SWEEPER is a manual push 31" triple brush professional sweeper that cleans as you push the sweeper and is intended for commercial use.

    HAAGA 477 SWEEPER sweep twice with one move. The two front brushes rotate in opposite directions grabbing the big debris directly in front of the sweeper while the brush roller on the bottom picks up all the small particles.

    • Holds up to 13.2 gallon of debris in the container.
    • Side rollers for cleaning along walls, walkways and curbs areas.
    • Designed to stand upright for easy storage.
    • 8 Adjustable setting for cleaning any hard surface.
    • Cleans wet or dry surfaces indoors and outdoors.
    • Eliminates the use of blowers for green cleaning and quiet enough to clean around customers.
    • Can be used indoors and outdoors on wet or dry surfaces.
    • Model: HAAGA 477 Sweeper.
    • Triple brush turbo sweeper.
    • Cleaning width: 31 inches.
    • Weight: 38 lbs. 
    • 13.2 gallon debris waste container.
    • Self lubricating gears with gear covers.
    • Belt-free system.
    • Ergonomic handle.
    • Adjustable knob with 8 settings.
    • 2 yr overall warranty
    • 4 yr warranty on all brushes against wear.
  • HAAGA 477 iSweep User Manual

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